As long as there have been people, we have all sought to make our lives more pleasant and comfortable. We not only look after our daily necessities, we also seek to enhance personal spaces with things of beauty and sentimental value. At Willow Street, we celebrate the traditions of inspiration, ingenuity and innovation – brought to life through hand-crafting, quality materials and the irreplaceable human touch.

With the growing trend toward convenient on-line shopping, there are now more choices than ever before. Unfortunately, many of these products sacrifice quality for price. Willow Street has chosen to stand out from the crowd. We take our time. We make and inspect our products to ensure that each item demonstrates our commitment to quality and the attention to detail that our customers deserve. If this sounds old fashioned – it is. We are. Pride cannot be mass-produced.

We believe that pride is earned – one customer at a time.We want you to enjoy that feeling of opening your package and saying ‘Wow!”. We love the look, the feel and the smell of handcrafted products made in America. The unmistakable blending of artistry, commitment and quality that makes a product both unique and authentic.

When you shop on Willow Street, we believe you’re looking for something special. Our goal is to offer you something that’s ‘one in a million’, not just one of a million

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Your neighbors on Willow Street are a group of artists, collectors, trend watchers and really smart business people who know the difference between the ordinary and amazing, and we know that you appreciate that difference too. We promise to always respect your sense of taste, your desire for quality, and your sharp eye for great deals. That’s how you shop, so that’s how we shop.

We have strategically developed this brand with people like you in mind. Willow Street offers you the peace of mind of knowing that there are still great people out there, making great products. And there always will be.

So, we don’t just pick items from a catalog and resell them. We first build a relationship with manufacturers to make sure they make the right products, the right way, and take personal pride in ensuring their quality. We also work very hard to ensure that you can enrich your space, without being discouraged by the price. So, we work just as hard to provide honest value.

Willow Street has products for everyone, in every price range. We have hand-picked specialty categories, inspired by American culture and time-honored traditions. We set out to make the Willow Street brand different, and we invite you to become a part of this story – the most important part. We want to earn your trust before we earn your business. It’s the essence of the American craftsman, it’s the heart and soul of the small town, and it’s the feeling we hope you’ll enjoy with every visit to Willow Street.